Child Custody and Visitation Attorneys Who Listens

Divorce can be very difficult on adults and children alike, and we understand that emotions may run high. Stress can also make it challenging for people to think clearly and make the best possible choices.As Texas lawyers with more than 20 years of experience, we have guided many individuals through the divorce process and assisted them in making wise decisions during this potentially painful time. At our law firm, we work closely with our clients to understand what their goals and values are regarding property division, child support, child custody and visitation.

Whenever possible, we encourage and assist our clients in reaching appropriate agreements outside the courtroom. This is not only more cost-effective, but it also helps the parties stay on good terms. If a court case is necessary, we will be a strong advocate for you and your family.

In every divorce situation, our goal is to defend the best interests of you and your children and promote a strong and healthy future for both them and you.

Why You Should Act Quickly

During a contested divorce or other contentious family law situation, it is important to both establish and protect the evidence as soon as possible. The longer you wait to contact a qualified attorney, the more chances your ex will have to destroy information, such as Internet postings, that you might be able to use in your case.

It is also vital to act quickly to protect your financial interests. We can help you seek a restraining order to prevent your ex from disposing of your joint assets or to prevent him or her from creating more debt for which you may also be held liable. Because Texas is a community property state, we can also aid you in analyzing what can be considered private property and what will be considered community property.

Whether you want to file for divorce, have already been served papers or are facing another family law issue, you can talk to a Woodville divorce attorney who cares. Call the law office of Lindsey B. Whisenhant, Attorney at Law, at 409-283-8288 or toll-free 800-397-4989 for a free initial consultation, or use the contact form below.